At LED Sports we believe that children need a positive and enjoyable learning environment. Sport has an important role to play in a happy childhood. We understand all children have different learning styles and we tailor our coaching sessions to recognise this. LED’s sessions are based around fun, participation, motivation; whilst giving the children the confidence to learn from their mistakes.

LED provides expert sports coaching to Junior Football Clubs and schools in West Yorkshire. The main aim is to develop important life skills for young people via sports, whilst embedding a love for physical activity to ensure our future generations lead active and healthy lifestyles. Studies have shown that physical activity actually improves a child’s concentration and energy levels.

Encouraging children to be involved in sport is a great way to develop both their physical and emotional well-being. Through sport children can learn about teamwork and taking individual responsibility, which will develop their confidence and self- esteem.

Improving a child’s FUNdamental motor skills in the early years will greatly influence their physical capabilities as they grow. The inclusion of motor skills development is at the heart of every LED coaching session.

About LED Sports

LED Sports was established in 2015 after a decision to have a career change, leave the West Yorkshire Police and build a business helping children play sport.

Participating in sports should be a fun and enjoyable experience, where children learn many important life and social skills. Be happy, enjoy sport and lead an active life!

David Jackson

I am retired police officer with 18 years service in the West Yorkshire Police, retiring as a Detective Constable. I am currently a Football coach at Farsley Celtic Football Club.

I enjoy coaching boys and girls and of all ability levels, including children with disabilities. I am a very positive person, emphasising the importance of learning through mistakes.

Sport provides children with the opportunity to learn many important life and social skills. I know from my own personal experience that playing sport has provided me with many life long memories and friends.

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