Moving from A to B as quickly as possible


The ability to change direction with speed and precision



Explosive movement and quick reactions

SAQ training is a science based method of training designed to develop a child/athlete’s performance regardless of the sport that they play. It is aimed at developing and improving their fundamental motor abilities such as balance, co-ordination and control of their body movement.

Whatever sport a child plays they are expected to have explosive acceleration, quick responses and reactions and be in control when moving in a number of different directions. This training can improve their performance in all these areas and may reduce chances of injury.

SAQ training also includes sessions for younger children based on improving their early essential movements such as work on their spinal patterns and working laterally and cross laterally. An improvement in these movements may lead to a child having better gross and fine motor skills.

Research has shown that SAQ training can help a child achieve better results within the classroom due to an improvement in their behaviour, concentration and listening levels.

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